Independent School Characteristics
Small class size
High quality teachers
Supportive environment
Opportunities for
athletics, the arts and community service
Diverse, welcoming communities
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Benefits of Membership
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Professional Development
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2017-2018 Events
Coaching Your Team - A Mentoring Cohort
2017-2019 Marketing and Communications Cohort
Cheryl Irving Cultural Competency Institute
Alumni Retreat
Administrative Support Professionals - H.E.A.R.T
Trusteeship 101/201/301
DEI Conference
Fall Admissions Program
Developing a Successful Fundraising Organization
Annual Trustee Conference
How Might Exponential Technologies Impact Learning?
Planning for Deeper Learning with Monica Martinez
Using Data to Improve your School's Website and Marketing Efforts
Mastery Transcript Consortium Webinar - an Intro for Heads of School
PAISBOA & ADVIS Leadership Conference
Annual Development Retreat
The Mastery Transcript Consortium: A Deep Dive
Leading the Way in Supporting Transgender/Nonbinary Students in Independent Schools
Protecting Student Well-Being and Success: Understanding the Impact of Marijuana Use
Brown Bag Lunch for Annual Giving Directors
Board Chair & HOS Dinner & Dialogue
Brown Bag Lunch for Directors of Marketing & Communications
2018 ADVIS-Penn Summer Leadership Institute
2016-2017 Events
Introduction to Blended Learning
Introduction to Teaching Online
Coaching Your Team - A Mentoring Cohort
Cultural Competency Institute for Educators
Trusteeship 101
School Marketing - Video is the Key
Alumni Director Retreat: Engagement Leads to Giving
Annual Giving Director Retreat
Delaware Heads Dinner Meeting with Marc Frankel
2016 State of the Independent School Admission Industry
The Art of the Possible - Student Program
Lunch & Conversation with Robb Armstrong
Emergency Alert: First Response to Allegations of Abuse, Past or Present
Gift Lift Webinar
Networking Breakfast for School Counselors / School Psychologists
Annual Trustee Conference
Leading Significant & Meaningful Change
Blending Leadership
Teacher Evaluations and Student Assessments - Getting it Right!
Gender & Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12
A Conversation with Heather Hoerle: The State of Independent School Enrollment
Development Retreat
ADVIS TechCamp and UnConference - The Future of Learning
There is Life After College
Making Mental Health a Priority in Schools
Board Chair & HOS Dinner & Dialogue
Emotional Intelligence for School Leaders
Enrollment Management Retreat
I'm Not Racist...Am I?
2017 ADVIS-Penn Summer Leadership Institute
New Board Chair/Clerk Orientation
2015-2016 Events
Academic Planning for Online & Blended Learning
New Educator Institute
Advancement Essentials for Small Schools and Small Shops
Trusteeship 101
Board Chair/Clerk Round Table Lunch
Day of Giving Campaigns
Essential Partnerships for Enrollment Management
Most Likely to Succeed - Public Event - October 27
Most Likely to Succeed - Public Event - October 28
Most Likely to Succeed - Private Screening
MCRC@ADVIS Defamation ~ The Play
Power Up Your Analytics and Social Media Efforts!
Annual Trustee Conference
Gender & Sexuality Diversity in PreK-12
Technology Retreat
Development Retreat
Board Governance - WEBINAR
Networking Breakfast for Middle School Division Heads
Networking Breakfast for Directors of Annual Giving
Networking Breakfast for Upper School Division Heads
Board Chair & HOS Dinner & Dialogue
White Privilege Conference
Brown Bag Lunch for Lower School Division Heads
Admissions Retreat
Networking Breakfast for School Counselors / School Psychologists
2016 Technology Gold Mine
2016 Technology Gold Mine Sessions
New Board Chair/Clerk Orientation
ADVIS-Penn Summer Leadership Institute
2014-2015 Events
Trustee U Year 3
Trusteeship 101
Take Your Seat at the Table: Admissions Board Reports
Informing Your Work: Trends & Critical Benchmarks in Philanthropy
Getting Heard on a Noisy #GivingTuesday
Online and Blended Learning - A New Landscape
Annual Trustee Conference
Socially Acceptable? Exceptionally Social?
E-Rate Program: What You Need to Know and How to Apply
Development Retreat
Legal Matters with Debra Wilson, NAIS
Digital Leadership ~ Technology in Education
Diversity in Independent Schools
Concussion and Brain Injury in Youth Sports
Optimizing Alumni Engagement
Networking Lunch for Upper School Division Heads
BC and HOS Dinner
Practical Tools to Make Your Messages Sing
Networking Breakfast for LS & MS Division Heads
Annual Admissions Retreat
Technology Gold Mine
Technology Gold Mine Sessions
Networking Breakfast for Guidance Counselors
Online & Blended Learning Professional Development
New Board Chair/Clerk Orientation
Request For Proposal - Presenters
Host an ADVIS Program
"Suggestion Box"
Design Thinking Resources
School Security Resources
Trustee U
List of Member Schools
School Associations
Visionary Service Award
Marketing Campaign
Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy as to Students
ADVIS Guidelines in Responding to Media
ADVIS Position Statement on School Ranking
ADVIS Recommendations as to Data Points to Include on School Websites
ADVIS Common Recommendation Forms
In Support of Education Brochure Order Form
Trustee U
Member Tutorials
New Member Registration Form
Membership Data Form
Proud Member
2014-2015 Annual Report ~ Membership Renewal Information
2015-2016 Annual Report ~ Membership Renewal Information
2016-2017 Annual Report ~ Membership Renewal Information
2017-2018 Annual Report ~ Membership Renewal Information

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