2017 DEI Conference RFP Form

Follow all instructions carefully. Proposal submissions must be complete to be considered by the Committee. It is highly recommended that you review the following submission form before beginning your entry, and complete your submission in one sitting. ADVIS appreciates your interest in presenting! If you have questions about the proposal process, please contact Jennifer Braxton at jbraxton@advis.org or (610) 527-1030. We look forward to receiving your proposal!
ADVIS will acknowledge receipt of all proposals and speakers will be notified of their proposal's status in July, 2017.


Presenting a Workshop
Presenting workshops at the MCRC@ADVIS DEI Conference is pro bono work. While registration fees are waived for presenters and co-presenters, ADVIS does not offer further remuneration or honoraria. All presenters and co-presenters must register using the special presenter promo-code (to be supplied upon presentation acceptance). Presenters must assume all other expenses, including travel and hotel (any exceptions must be pre-approved by ADVIS).
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Accepted Proposals
Upon notification that your proposal has been selected, ADVIS will provide lead presenters with information regarding scheduling and all details. ADVIS events are noncommercial forums. Under no circumstances may a presenter promote a product, service, or anything else representing monetary self-interest. Failure to comply will impact future consideration. If you have any questions regarding this policy or a specific presentation, contact Jennifer Braxton at jbraxton@advis.org.
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Responsibilities of Lead Presenters: ADVIS will designate the above listed individual, who completes this submission form, as the lead presenter. This individual will be responsible for communicating with co-presenter(s) regarding acceptance or rejection, deadlines, and all other submission details.
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We reserve the right to edit the title, description, and outcomes for all accepted submissions for promotional purposes and in accordance with ADVIS style guides.
Title of Presentation:
(Titles are limited to 15 words)
Conference Track (select one):
All workshops need to designate a conference track. Please select the track below that best represents the subject matter of your session.
Organizational Development & Institutional Change for Equity and Inclusion
Building Capacity: Skills, Competencies, and Processes for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Equity & Inclusion Exemplars: Programs, Models, Best Practices, Promising Next Practices
Racial and Ethnic Identities: Developmental Models, Frameworks, Approaches
Social Justice, Activism & Allyship from the Classroom to the Community
Social/Cultural Identifiers
Target Audience Knowledge Level
To which knowledge/experience level is your content directed?
Introductory: new to topic / subject matter
Intermediate: Assumes some familiarity with or exposure to core content
Advanced: Supports learning needs and objectives of experienced equity practitioners, change agents
Expert: Engages established leaders; encourages collegial problem-solving, feedback and exchange
Relevant biographical information including presenter’s presentation and/or training and facilitation experience. (75 words)
(Particularly highlighting content knowledge and expertise related to the proposed session. - To appear in program bio).
Workshop / abstract description (150 words – will appear in program)
Rationale for this session; why is it relevant to DEI work?
Expected workshop outcomes, participant take-aways:
Please indicate age/grade level for which this session applies (select one):
All levels
Lower (Elementary) School
Middle School
Upper (High) School
Administrators and Trustees


Computer / AV - Agreement
If your proposal is selected, you are responsible for providing your own laptop computer if needed. Wi-Fi and/or dedicated and wired internet connections are available in all presentation spaces. A projector will be provided, however you are responsible for bringing any adapters / dongles.
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Music or Audio
Will your presentation include music or audio?
ADVIS expects presenters to submit presentation materials, such as slide decks, worksheets, and other supporting information, in digital format so they can be posted to the ADVIS website. If you require paper handouts for your session, you are responsible for the labor and cost of making copies. To save paper, ADVIS encourages you to minimize your use of handouts whenever possible. Detailed information and instructions will be provided for approved sessions.
Special Needs
Do you have any special requests for your presentation that we need to consider?

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