Fast Facts About ADVIS:
Over 130 Member Schools in the tristate, 13 county Greater Delaware Valley region…
Educate nearly 50,000 students in pre-kindergarten through high school; 31% students of color
Employ over 11,000 faculty, administrators, and staff
Award nearly $325,000,000 in need based financial aid to 36% of students
Represent more than 500,000 alumni
Collectively have an annual operating budget greater than one billion dollars!
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ADVIS' Marketing Campaign    
XPN Radio Spot
WHYY Radio Spot

The phrase “Independent Schools” could be the source of a very big promise and a unique place for ADVIS and its member schools to stand. After all, what is the ultimate purpose of school? To know how to solve quadratic equations? To have Jeopardy knowledge about geography? No. It is to acquire the knowledge and skills required to become a productive, independent adult. All parents want their children to become independent.

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