Fast Facts About ADVIS:
Over 130 Member Schools in the tristate, 13 county Greater Delaware Valley region…
Educate nearly 50,000 students in pre-kindergarten through high school; 31% students of color
Employ over 11,000 faculty, administrators, and staff
Award nearly $325,000,000 in need based financial aid to 36% of students
Represent more than 500,000 alumni
Collectively have an annual operating budget greater than one billion dollars!

ADVIS – MCRC MERGER: July 1, 2015    
The Multicultural Resource Center (MCRC) has been devoted to delivering powerful programs to increase knowledge and understanding around equity and social justice. The organization has supported and empowered faculty, staff and students since 1990. In an effort to increase the capacity to deliver high quality and high impact programs, MCRC will merge with the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS) and become MCRC@ADVIS.  ADVIS represents 130 of the Greater Philadelphia region’s most highly acclaimed private schools in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware,  and Maryland, and enriches and sustains schools through advocacy, thought leadership, professional development and networking opportunities. The merger will not only expand programming capacity, but also extend the reach of that programming to a greater number and broader range of stakeholders of independent schools within and beyond the Delaware Valley.

By 2025, MCRC@ADVIS will become the “go to resource” for learning about social justice, sharing best practices in the areas of inclusion, identity, multicultural understanding and advancing matters of respect and diversity for area independent schools.
A series of meetings, board discussions and constituent interviews occurred between April, 2014 and April, 2015, when colleagues from ADVIS and MCRC convened, facilitated by Andy Mozenter of Concentrics Inc., to explore the key issues to be addressed if the merger was to move forward. Prior to the meeting, individual interviews and a survey were conducted to ensure that all of the appropriate issues were identified. The group reviewed the missions of the organizations, the case for a merger, and key issues (e.g., governance, programs, funding, and recognition). The group agreed that a merger would be beneficial to both parties and the next steps were identified. In May 2015 the MCRC and ADVIS boards approved the merger.

Case for Merger
  • Increase the capacity of MCRC and ADVIS to deliver high quality, high impact programs that increase understanding of equity, social justice and inclusion to a greater number and broader range of stakeholders of independent schools within and beyond the Delaware Valley.
  • Alignment of core values.
  • Derive benefit from drawing on each other’s systems, resources, reputation and expertise.
Governance, Role & Identity
  • New program named MCRC@ADVIS
  • MCRC board members invited to serve on MCRC@ADVIS Programming Committee
  • Invite other ADVIS schools to participate on MCRC@ADVIS Programming Committee.
  • Develop strong partnering relationships with Diversity Coordinators/Council members from ADVIS schools.
  • The Programming Committee will advise the ADVIS administration on program content, speakers, scheduling, marketing and fees. 
  • MCRC@ADVIS will sponsor a minimum of three programs in year one.
  • Initial event will be “The New Educator Institute” (August 27, 8:30 am – 3 pm), keynoted by Rosetta Lee, the Seattle Girls School.
  • MCRC funds will be transferred to ADVIS (to be earmarked for MCRC@ADVIS programs).
  • ADVIS dues and additional reasonable fees will cover MCRC@ADVIS program costs.
  • Grant proposals may be submitted for future programs.

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