Independent School Characteristics
Small class size
High quality teachers
Supportive environment
Opportunities for
athletics, the arts and community service
Diverse, welcoming communities
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What Is ADVIS?    
The Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS) is a nonprofit organization, founded in 1981, representing over 130 highly acclaimed independent private schools in eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

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Our Mission

A dynamic community of independent schools in the Greater Delaware Valley and beyond, ADVIS enriches and sustains schools through advocacy, thought leadership, professional development, and networking opportunities. 

Operational Principles

  • Advocate for the unique and exceptional value of member schools and promote public awareness, understanding of and respect for independent education.
  • Provide thought leadership on significant issues and developments in education and how they impact leading excellent schools.
  • Provide exemplary professional growth opportunities and visionary leadership development programs for independent school leaders.
  • Inform and counsel leaders of member schools about administrative professional best practices.
  • Foster communication, positive collegial relationships and collaborative projects through forums for networking and the exchange of ideas among members.
  • Serve as the central resource for families to learn about the diverse options of our excellent member schools.
  • Establish positive relationships with local, regional and national independent school associations and other relevant organizations, colleges and universities.

Our Member Schools

  • Have varied missions and educational approaches.
  • All nurture strengths and interests, develop character, foster life-long learning and prepare your child not just for college, but for life. 

Our Website

  • Can assist you in choosing an independent private school that will match your child’s individual strengths and needs, and your family’s values, with the school’s learning environment and mission.


  • Accreditation is earned through a rigorous peer evaluation process, usually with one or more of the following agencies: PAIS (Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools), NJAIS (New Jersey Association of Independent Schools), or MSAC&S (Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools). ADVIS policy dictates that member schools must be state licensed and, in most cases, accredited by one or more of the above organizations.

ADVIS Statement of Commitment to Social Justice, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • ADVIS has an institutional commitment to the principles of social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion. In the conduct of its official business, ADVIS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, creed, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical challenge, national origin, or any other characteristic.

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Our school’s individualized attention, high expectations, and focus on the student is bringing out the best in my children and helping them to develop the interests, skills, and abilities to thrive in today’s dynamic world… It is extraordinary when your children look forward to going to school each day!
-- Adam S., parent
Over 130 Member Schools
Educate nearly 50,000 students; 31% students of color
Employ over 11,000 faculty, administrators, and staff
Award over $325,000,000 in need based financial aid to 36% of students
Collectively have an annual operating budget greater than one billion dollars
Represent more than 500,000 alumni
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