Fast Facts About ADVIS:
Over 130 Member Schools in the tri-state, 13 county Greater Delaware Valley region…
Educate nearly 50,000 students in pre-kindergarten through high school; 29.4% students of color
Employ over 11,000 faculty, administrators, and staff
Award nearly $270,000,000 in need based financial aid to 34% of students
Represent more than 430,000 alumni
Collectively have an annual operating budget greater than one billion dollars!
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Become a Corporate Underwriter

All businesses must enroll at a minimum base Corporate Underwriter level to have access to additional sponsorship opportunities to underwrite events. The base enrollment is a minimum commitment of $500 for a ¼ page “ad” in the annual Membership and Resource Directory and/or a $800 placement on our website. For more information about Event Underwriting options click on one of the following links:
Corporate Underwriter/Company Name
Please enter your company's name as it should appear in the ADVIS directory.
First Name (Contact Person)
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Phone Number
Fax Number
Email Address
There are  several ways to market your business to ADVIS member schools:
1) List your services in the ADVIS Membership & Resource Directory
2) List your services on the ADVIS website
3) Help to underwrite our professional development programs 
1) ADVIS Membership & Resource Directory Advertisment
To place your ad in the 2017-2018 ADVIS Membership & Resource Directory, select the appropriate option from the list below. In order to appear in the current year's directory, payment and advertising artwork must be received no later than July 28, 2017. Please note, Premium Pages (indicated by an *asterix) are reserved on a FIRST PAID BASIS (we can not hold a page without first receiving payment). Put a '1' in the field next to your preferred sponsorship level.
Quarter Page (3.25" x 4.75")  @ $500.00
Half Page, horizontal (7.25" x 4.75")  @ $600.00
Half Page, vertical (3.5" x 10")  @ $600.00
Full Page (7.25" x 10")  @ $800.00
Full Page, section divider (7.25" x 10")  @ $900.00
*Inside Front Cover (7.25" x 10") SOLD  @ $1,300.00
*Right of Front Cover (7.25" x 10") SOLD  @ $1,300.00
*Left of Title Page (7.25" x 10")  @ $1,000.00
*Left of Inside Back Cover (7.25" x 10")  @ $1,000.00
*Inside Back Cover (7.25" x 10")  @ $1,300.00
*Back Cover (7.25" x 10") SOLD  @ $2,000.00

PLEASE NOTE: If you are placing an ad in the 2017-2018 ADVIS Membership Directory, please send a laser proof, printed at 100%, along with your check. Send digital files of all artwork to Mary Cardona at, by August 11, 2017. For the best quality, please provide black and white or grayscale press ready artwork of your company AD for the ADVIS Membership & Resource Directory. All artwork should be a 300 dpi in resolution or a vector format, at the correct size. Fonts should either be embedded or converted to outlines. Download the 2017 Sizing-Grid Ad-Specs Sample-ADsfor detailed ad specifications.

2) Listing/Link on ADVIS Website
Your website will be linked to the ADVIS website, via the Underwriters tab at This option may be selected at any time throughout the year, and will be implemented within a week of receipt of payment. The listing is good for one year from the date of implementation after which you have the option to renew or remove the listing. ADVIS will follow up with you at this time. Please be sure to include your business statement below for inclusion with your listing.

To have your website listed at, put a '1' in the following field. Please note, web only listings are $800, a web listing in addition to a directory advertisement is $600 - select the appropriate option below):
Listing/Link on ADVIS Website - in addition to Directory Ad  @ $600.00
ADVIS Website ONLY Listing/Link  @ $800.00
Website URL
Business Statement/Description
If you have chosen the website listing/link option, please submit a statement describing your business or services (in 255 characters or less - including spaces and punctuation) for inclusion with your listing on
3) Event Underwriting  
Please note: All Corporate Underwriters must enroll at the base Corporate Underwriter level (above) to have access to additional sponsorship opportunities with events.
If you are interested in Event Corporate Underwriting opportunities, please select the category/categories of business that you you would like to underwrite (you may select more than 1 category). Visit the Professional Development Events page on our site to see a partial listing of upcoming programs. Someone from the ADVIS office will contact you about all available event underwriting options.
Board Governance
School Leadership
LEARN MORE about the benefits of underwriting events.
Please put a "1" in the field next to your desired level of support:
$1,000 Event Underwriter  @ $1,000.00
$2,000 Event Underwriter  @ $2,000.00
$4,000 Annual Trustee Conference Underwriter  @ $4,000.00
Form Total: $0.00
Double check your Form Total ABOVE and, if correct, send payment in the form of a check (made payable to Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools) to the following address by July 28, 2017. If you are hoping to secure a Premium Page ad in our directory, please be advised that these are limited and are only reserved on a FIRST PAID basis, so your prompt payment is encouraged. If the desired placement has already been reserved, we will let you know immediately and work with you to secure an alternate spot.
701 West Montogmery Avenue
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

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