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Use the following form to provide a list of Upper School students who will attend "The Art of the Possible: Overcoming Adversity" at Delaware County Christian School on Friday, October 14, 2016. More information about the program, and a link to "register" and pay, can be found by visiting http://www.advis.org/mcrc-at-advis/programs/Robb-Armstrong-Students. Please note: Schools must provide a signed permission slip/release form to ADVIS in advance of the event for all of the students listed below. All student permission forms should be sent in advance to ADVIS either via FAX at 610-527-4322, email to Mary Cardona at maryc@advis.org, or by uploading the form(s) using the tool below.

Limit 20 students per school. If your school would like to send more than 20 students, please call ADVIS at 610-527-0130 to be added to the wait-list.
Chaperone Contact Information: In the spaces below, please provide the name of the contact person at your school who is responsible for making arrangements to bring a group of students to this program. This person must also be a registered attendee. REGISTER CHAPERONES (and Upper School Students) HERE. 
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Student Permission:
I/We agree that the following Upper School Students have permission to attend "The Art of the Possible: Overcoming Adversity" on 10/14/16 at Delaware County Christian School, and that we will send all permission slips/forms for the following students to ADVIS in advance of the program.
I/We agree
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Student Permission Forms:
ADVIS must have permission forms in advance for all students listed and attending this program. Acceptable permission forms can be one of the following:
1. If your school uses individual permission forms for field trips, please provide signed copies of these for every attending student to ADVIS in advance. You may either FAX these to ADVIS at 610-527-4332, email these as attachments to Mary Cardona at maryc@advis.org, or upload signed forms (.doc, .docx or .pdf files) using the link below.
2. If your school does not use individual permission forms for field trips and instead has families grant permission for all field trips as part of classroom activities/curriculum when signing the enrollment contract, please send a note on your school letterhead indicating that this is the case and all students listed here and attending the program have permission to do so by their respective guardian(s). You may either FAX this note along with the list of students to ADVIS at 610-527-4332, email the note and list of students to Mary Cardona at maryc@advis.org, or upload the note using the link below.
Please select from the following:
We use individual forms for field trips
Our enrollment contract covers field trips
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