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April 2024 - Inaugural Showcase Day 

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Cybersecurity Risk Management: A School Leader’s Burden
Slide Deck                      Webinar Recording                    
Bob Sager President & Founder, Edu-Tech

The Things No One Tells You About Construction At Your School 
Slide Deck                         Webinar Recording                       
Colleen Lynn, Director of Business Development, Warfel
Justin Walton, Senior Constructability Manager, Warfel

THG logoUnlocking Savings: Utilizing Pre-Tax Benefits
Slide Deck & Resources      Webinar Recording                    
Brian Miller, Director of New Business, The Harrison Group 

SchoolSims logoNavigating Communication Challenges in Independent Schools
Slide Deck                      Webinar Recording                      
Ken Spero, President & Co-Founder, SchoolSims 
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