• Recently several publications have run articles and surveys about independent schools. These articles do not give a true picture of individual schools or of an independent school education. Independent schools are not just about SAT scores, or what colleges graduating seniors will attend, or how many degrees teachers hold.

  • Families choose an independent school education because they want the best match between their child’s unique strengths and a school’s learning environment and mission. Independent schools collectively shape their students for lives of success: success in school, in college, in life. With the right match, a student can go to the top of the list of life, the only list that really matters.

  • Ranking systems or statistics are of little help in determining what kind of learning community will bring out the best in each child. The over 130 schools in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Pennsylvania who are members of ADVIS, a non-profit organization, the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools, encourage parents to become familiar with all the educational options for your child.

  • ADVIS wants parents to match a school’s strengths to the strengths of their child. Collect your own information. Use our free guide to independent schools. Then call admissions offices, ask questions, visit several schools and picture your child there. It is the only way to get a feel for the unique community of each school.

  • Schools vary widely in their educational goals and methods. Ranking, ratings and surveys try to squeeze all schools into a few broad categories. Don’t rely on the value judgments of others to chart your child’s academic future.