In an effort to streamline the application process for families, many ADVIS member schools use ADVIS’ Confidential Common Recommendation form(s) for admissions. This allows the teacher(s) at a student’s current school to complete just one form, one time - a copy will be sent to all schools for which parents request a recommendation. This also permits the family to maintain confidentiality among the schools to which they are applying, if they so choose.

Please note: Where the recommended grade level usage of the three versions of these forms overlaps, each school selects the version that they feel is most appropriate for their school. However, it is understood that by virtue of use of the ADVIS forms, schools agree to accept the alternative version if it has already been completed on behalf of the applicant by his or her current school.

Please find the Common Recommendation Forms available for download below. Our strong preference is that you let the forms stand, allowing your return envelope to suffice to provide your individual school’s information, rather than including your school’s logo, graphics, or address on the actual form itself.  If your school administration strongly feels that your school name and/ or address needs to be on the form, our first preference is that you add your school name and address to the bottom of the back of the form only. If you absolutely must include your school’s logo, space has been allowed at the upper right hand corner. Under no conditions may the ADVIS logo be eliminated, or this form altered in any other way than those above.

PK-1 Common Recommendation Application

 1-8 Common Recommendation Application 

6-12 Common Recommendation Application