ADVIS Announces Partnership
with ISCA

ADVIS and The Independent School Chairpersons Association (ISCA) are pleased to announce a three-year partnership whereby all Board Chairs of ADVIS member schools will automatically become members of ISCA, receiving all ISCA member benefits, as part of their ADVIS membership.

ISCA serves to support independent school Board Chairs in becoming effective governance leaders for their Boards. ISCA accomplishes this by offering peer support and networking, resources, and educational opportunities. Board Chairs of ADVIS member schools will have access to any and all ISCA programs and services, including, but not limited to:

  • Online Discussion Forum 

  • Webinars and Chair Chats 

  • New Chair at the Table Program 

  • New Chair/HOS Partnership Series 

  • Member's Resource Page 

  • Peer Advisor Program for 1st Year Board Chairs 

  • Fall Governance Conference (additional registration fee required) 

“We are delighted to be able to offer our members this added benefit,” said Ayanna Hill-Gill, ADVIS president. “The quality, depth, and breadth of ISCA programming and trainings are second to none. Partnering with ISCA allows ADVIS to broaden the governance professional development we offer our members, and ISCAs programs are a great complement to our own. In addition, being an ISCA member will give our members’ Board Chairs access to an extensive network of Board Chairs from across the country.”

ISCA Executive Director, Bethany Di Napoli, shared that “ISCA is so pleased to be welcoming ADVIS Board Chairs to our ISCA community!  We look forward to providing the support, resources, and education to help ADVIS Board Chairs find success in their leadership role. Our ISCA members will benefit as well from having an expanded peer network of Board Chairs with whom they can share experiences, learn with, and lend support.”