Ask any family why they send their child to an independent private school and they’ll most likely tell you:

  • Great teachers
  • Smaller school and class size, and a friendly, welcoming community
  • Personal attention 
  • A wealth of opportunities, in and out of the classroom.

Ask students what they like, and they’ll say:

  • My teachers know and care about me, and…
  • They are passionate about their subject areas
  • I can be myself and explore my interests
  • I love going to school.


Ask independent school alumni what they most value about their experience, and they’ll tell you:

  • They were very well prepared for college
  • They forged life-long friendships with students and teachers
  • Their independent school teachers made a difference in their lives
  • They learned to respect and appreciate people different from themselves.

"An education is the most
valuable gift you can give a child. Independent schools not only
provide an outstanding education,
but provide it in a culture that nurtures personal growth, self-esteem and values."

- Jim S., Parent


At an independent school, your child will be known, loved, and challenged.

You’ll find smaller classes and a welcoming community where teachers really get to know your child, not just for a year, but through the years.


Independent schools prepare students not just for college, but for life.

Independent school teachers nurture intellectual curiosity, encourage personal growth, and foster character development. In addition to academics, all students have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities -- sports, theater, music, art, and community service -- where they learn teamwork and develop leadership skills that serve them throughout their lives.


Your child will be valued as an individual.

Independent schools welcome students of diverse backgrounds, interests, and cultures, creating a community that reflects the increasingly diverse world in which we live, more so than many public schools. Diverse communities enhance learning and enrich understanding of others, preparing today’s children to live and work in a global economy.


Virtually all independent school graduates enroll in college.

Studies show that a high percentage complete college in four years, and beyond college, maintain a healthy lifestyle, pursue outside interests, and give back to their community.


There is a school for every child.

Independent schools vary in size, mission and educational philosophy; they include coed and single gender schools, day and boarding schools, secular and religious schools, urban, rural and suburban locations, and schools for students with special learning needs. What all ADVIS member schools have in common is the fundamental commitment to help children thrive by achieving personal and academic excellence.


Choose an independent school – it’s the investment of a lifetime.

Metropolitan Philadelphia is the center of the greatest concentration of independent private schools in the nation. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to know how and when to begin. We’ve designed the ADVIS website to help you begin your search. After exploring the resources on our site and developing a list of schools based on geography, your child’s needs and interests, and your family’s values, plan to visit each school, either by attending an open house, or contacting those schools for a campus visit.